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Bulk Kratom White Borneo Capsules

Borneo is a one-of-a-kind island. While the majority of the world’s islands are controlled by a single country (with some countries even comprising groups of islands), Borneo is owned by three countries. Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei are the countries that share the land. The majority of the island is owned by Indonesia, followed by Malaysia and Brunei, which owns a minor portion of the island.

White Borneo Kratom, a wonderful kratom strain, is derived from this beautiful island. Because Indonesia and Malaysia have some of the most strong and effective kratom strains in the world, it’s no wonder that Borneo, their common island, has its own kratom strain.

Each White Borneo Capsule includes 0.7 grams of kratom that has been pre-dosed. These vegan capsules are size-00 and available in four different sizes: 25 capsules, 50 capsules, 100 capsules, and a whopping 250 capsules each order. Each order can contain up to 175 grams of kratom!

White Borneo

We deal directly with suppliers from all around the region, which allows us to receive lower prices and pass the savings on to our valued customers. White Borneo Strain comes from the White Vein family, one of the most used strains in the world.

White Vein Kratom

White Vein Kratom is well known for its high alkaloid levels.

White vein kratom, the leaves of the mitragyna speciosa tree are harvested early. A fan favorite, and a Kratom Library team favorite! Our kratom leaves are only extracted from mature plants, which in turn gives you the highest quality form on the market.


Due to our low wholesale kratom prices, it may seem that the quality might not be the greatest. But the explanation is very simple, we deal direct with the suppliers and our margins do not need to be 2x, or 3x like other retailers.

Shipping & Delivery

At Kratom Library we work hard to make sure your order arrives on time.

Our network across the United States allows to ship quickly. If your order is placed before 2pm EST it will be shipped out the next day.


Depending on your location you can expect 1-5 day shipping time.

Rest assured all order come in discreet packaging (plain brown box or yellow mailer, and no logos).


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No More Unhealthy Pre-Workout For Me. Two Capsules & this has be going through my workout like nothing.

Frances A.
United States United States

Excellent Customer Service & Products

The customer service offered by Kratom Library is absolutely amazing, my item arrived sooner then expected & when I finally got to use the Kratom it exceeded my expectations for relief. This is definitely top quality product!

United States United States


Having browsed TKL's wonderful site & product offerings, (& of course, making a couple modest purchases) while I'd noticed the "Bulk Kratom" option, being relatively new to experiencing the benefits of Kratom, I'd never really considered any of the bulk offerings, instead staying with the brand name products I'd heavily researched& had some experience with (Bumble Bee, Exotic Blue Magic, OPMS/Whole Herbs, etc). But, between my overwhelming curiosity to explore & sample a broad variety, as well as understanding the importance of "mixing/switching it up"so as not to build a tolerance (or worse, become dependant upon any 1 strain/blend), despite the amazingly low prices TKL provides us, it still, I needed to be budget conscious, so I took a closer look. I'm a "deep-dives/down the rabbit hole" type when it comes to researching pretty much anything/everything I buy & an important tool in helping me to decide are the reviews from other consumers. One such consumer/customer had mentioned that, like me, he made frequent purchases, (working within a budget, I assume) & decided to take a chance on the Bulk Kratom. I don't recall exactly which blend he'd tried, but I specifically recall him mentioning that he was extremely pleased with it & that, it was in fact, on par or better than the brand names he'd trusted & used for quite some time. (Should that reviewer happen to see/read this, a genuine "THANK YOU!", to you, Sir!). One of my regulars/ faves to start my day has been Bumble Bee's White Borneo. I can honestly say that TKL's Bulk White Borneo is every bit as good, holds up over numerous, consecutive days of usage (unlike some other big names I've tried) & I might even give an edge to 9ver the Bumblebee (can't say for sure, haven't used as long as I have BB's, but to me anyway, this TKL Bulk White Borneo seems to be more consistently effective, TO/FOR ME/IN MY EXPERIENCE, than the BB, which I couldn't use for more than a couple of days (2.5 - 4.5 grams: mornings only) before the effects seemed to decrease noticeably, pushing me to switchi it up by day 3.... I've yet to notice any drop-off after a week with this TKL Bulk WB. (So far, SO GOOD!). VERY PLEASANTLY SURPRISED & in fact, doubling my 1st/initial order right now! Thanks, TKL!