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Green Vein Kratom is derived from the Mitragyna Speciosa tree. What is harvested from the kratom trees are the leaves, which in turn is processed and that is how you receive Green Vein Kratom. The leaves are then dried on racks for three days and then ground into a fine powder. The consensus among users is that the green vein strain combines the feeling of a red vein and white vein. Most people agree that the spectrum of green malay kratom is that it is more of a stimulant in lighter servings, and in higher servings, is more of a sedative. It is believed that each strain of green malay kratom produces different effects. We need more studies to help figure out what is right and what is not.

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Green Horn Kratom is a strain from the Mitragyna Specoiosa tree. Reviews from our customers and other forums online have shown that Green Horn Kratom is one a kratom user’s favorite. Buy Green Horn Kratom at the lowest prices online.

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