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Remarkable Herbs Mo`I Kava Lateral Root Powder

Remarkable Herbs

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Remarkable Herbs Kava Lateral Root Powder Mo`I

The Remarkable Herbs Kava Lateral Root Powder – Mo’I contains the roots of Kava plants that are around 7 years old. Kava is a special plant where the only edible portion of it are it’s roots. Kava is known for its unique alkaloid structure that users find the most pleasant. Remarkable Herbs prides themselves in their harvesting and packaging process which allows them to preserve those precious kavalactones. In this way, we ensure 100% all-natural Kava lateral root powder that you can enjoy on a daily basis.

• Brand: Remarkable Herbs
• Strain: Mo`I
• Kava Type: Powder
• Size: 1oz & 3oz


Kava is a remarkable plant. This can be gauged by the fact the plant in particular, is well-known in cultures around the Pacific Ocean for their valued properties. This is a premium product that consists of the lateral root of the Kava or Piper Methysticum plant. The roots of this plant are prized for its uniqueness which is why it has been used for centuries in rituals and shamanic practices in Polynesian cultures, including Hawaii and Vanuatu, where it is still used to this day to mark sacred events and rituals. It is also used casually by those who want to experience all of the goodness of the Kava plant.

Why Buy Remarkable Herbs Kava Lateral Root Powder – Mo’I?

This product also only contains the lateral roots of Kava plants that are at least 7 years old, which are considered to have the highest levels of natural alkaloids in the Kava plant’s root system. This alone makes it a truly remarkable product. Remarkable Herbs products are 100% additive and chemical-free, and the Remarkable Herbs Kava lateral Root Powder – Mo’I is no exception. This ensures that you get to enjoy the potency of Kava along with that signature, remarkable taste that this product promises.





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