Remarkable Herbs Tongan Kava Lateral Root Powder


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Remarkable Herbs Kava Lateral Root Powder – Tongan

The Remarkable Herbs Kava Lateral Root Powder – Tongan is one product that you definitely have to experience. What sets our product apart from the rest is that many similar products today contain both the roots as well as the plant, which means that they do not have the same level of potency because they are a mixture of the plant and the roots. However, we have taken extra steps to ensure our Kava root powder only contains the root of the Kava plant, which ensures 100% all-natural goodness.

• Brand: Remarkable Herbs
• Strain: Tongan
• Kratom Type: Kava Powder
• Size: 1OZ & 3OZ

But what is really impressive about this product is that it only contains the lateral root of Kava plants that are at least 7 years old, which are considered to have the highest levels of natural alkaloids in the Kava plant’s root system. This alone makes it a truly remarkable product.


The roots of the Kava plant are native to cultures in the Pacific Ocean, which includes Hawaii, Vanuatu, and Polynesia, where it is used in rituals and various celebrations. It is believed by these cultures that the roots of the Kava plant have not only a unique taste but also have many other properties and are also safe to use. What makes our product truly unique is that we use the latest technologies along with strict quality control procedures during the extraction process. This ensures that all of our customers get the highest quality products that are safe and healthy.

Why Buy Remarkable Herbs Kava Lateral Root Powder – Tongan?

Using carefully selected leaves picked at peak maturity, we ensure that we’re delivering the highest quality kratom in every batch. All of our products are 100% additive and chemical-free, so you can rest assured that you are getting the highest quality product the next time you get Remarkable Herbs Kava Lateral Root Powder – Tongan.

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