Kavako Premium Fijian Kava (30G)


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Kavako Premium Fijian Kava (30G)

Kavako Premium Fijian Kava (30g) is known for delivering a unique experience while awakening your taste buds to new possibilities. This premium quality product contains 100% all-natural Kava-lactones, which is the main active ingredient in the Kava plant and is the reason why it’s been so widely used in Polynesian cultures for centuries. With the Kavako Premium Fijian Kava, you get to enjoy that exact same uniqueness that Kava-lactones are known for. As the name implies, the compounds used in formulating this product come from the farms of Fiji, known to be the home of premium Fiji Kava.

• Brand: Kavako
• Strain: Fijian
• Kratom Type: Powder
• Size: 30G


Kava, also known as Ava Pepper, Awa, and Ava Root, is an extract that is made from Piper methysticum, a plant native to the Western Pacific Islands. It is used in shamanic practices and ceremonies for its relaxing properties. The Kava used in this product is sourced straight from Fiji, where the latest extraction processes and technologies are used to ensure the highest level of quality. While the name “Kava” comes from a Polynesian word, which literally means “Bitter,” the extraction process and removal of unwanted substances during the preparation of Kavako Premium Fijian Kava ensures that you get to enjoy a beverage that will ensure a great experience.

Why Buy Kavako Premium Fijian Kava?

It is important to note that this premium quality product contains the Fijian strain of Kratom, which has been used by many Polynesian cultures for centuries because of its properties. This product is safe to use and has no adverse side effects, so you can rest assured that you’re getting a premium quality product that will give you an experience like no other.

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Kava Powder

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Best Kava product - I have tried many

My experience was very pleasant. It was very mild tasting, yet very potent at calming and relaxing you. What I liked best about this kava is that it so smooth, that you can take this directly in your mouth, with a small pinch, similarly to snuff tobacco, and you can just slowly grind it gently with your teeth. When you chew it slowly, just swallow it normally. This almost works immediately, and almost too well. Their is no doubt to me that it is not a placebo effect because my expectation and experience has taught me to have low expectations , after sampling many brands and types of Kava. I highly recommend this product, pun not intended. In addition, I did not experience any gastrointestinal issues the next day, which is a rare bird indeed. 5 stars without a doubt - IMO.