Rest: The Importance of Sleep, and Giving Your Body Rest

In today’s chaotic society, people are suffering from stress and insomnia. They are in search of solutions that will help them sleep like melatonin and kratom.

We are living in our modern times with rooms filled with blue light from our cellphones and computer screens that cause disruptions in our sleep patterns.

Roughly 80 percent of Americans are close to bankruptcy if they miss one or two paychecks. We are experiencing a transition in our judicial system with the black lives matter movement while still sorting through the COVID-19 pandemic. To say times are stressful is an understatement, which is why we need to work on removing stressors like the news, social media, and at times the internet from our lives.

Day in and day out, we give all of ourselves to each day. We are willing to sacrifice ourselves for our goals, families, and future. However, to keep grinding is not the way that we can sustainably achieve our goals.

The natural rhythm of the world is to work and recover, which is the principle of yin and yang. Yin energy is the feminine aspect resting and going in and Yang energy being the masculine force of doing like working or working out.

We need to follow this relationship to achieve balance. Too far on either side can be detrimental. But today, we will go over strategies on how to rest adequately.

Different Forms of Rest

There are a couple of different forms of rest passive rest and active rest. What is the objective of a rest day? It is to help recharge one’s mental and physical energy. When we workout, we think that is what makes us actively stronger. What makes us stronger is resting. Of course, we have to our bodies a stress response like weightlifting, jiu-jitsu, running, or biking, but to actively become stronger, our body needs to repair the micro-tears in the tissue.

There are two primary forms of rest active rest and passive rest. Active rest is where we are not necessarily taking the day off but doing activities that do not raise the heart rate. Activities like self or personal massage, mobility, or light exercises like walking, yoga or tai chi. The goal is to get the blood flow going through the body. For instance, a runner will either go for a bike ride or go for a light jog.

Passive rests activities like sitting in a hammock or reading a book. It’s something that doesn’t take any energy at all. It means spending time being still and letting your body rest.

How to Incorporate Active Rest and Passive Rest into Your Life

Incorporating a new habit or a new idea into your life can be challenging, especially in today’s turbulent time. However, it is times like this that we need to rely on our principles and habits. It is the mark of a discipline and confident individual to take time off to recover. A simple question to figure out when to schedule an active rest or passive rest day is when do you have time off? If you follow a typical work schedule of working Monday through Friday. Then you can have an active recovery day on Saturday and a passive rest day on Sunday.

The day of the week doesn’t matter. It just matters that you follow your exercise programming and work schedule. We must take time to recharge our batteries.

The Importance of Sleep

Sleep is one of the most effective tools to rebuilding your body. During sleep, our body physically repairs itself and mentally repairs itself. It’s understood that you need 8 hours of sleep a day. Lack of sleep has been attributed to weight gain, stress, depression and anxiety. It is understood that we should go to sleep in r accordance with our natural circadian rhythm, which follows the daily cycle of the sun.

Final Thoughts

Rest and sleep are some of the most important things we can do in our lives. We spend half of our lives sleeping, yet we do not give it the respect it deserves. The same goes for our waking hours, where we need to rest. It is now more important than ever to support our bodies and our immune system. Nature has given us the tools it’s up to us to use them. for more information contact us.