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Remarkable Herbs Indo Kratom Powder

Remarkable Herbs

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Remarkable Herbs Indo Kratom Powder

Indo Kratom Powder from Remarkable Herbs is a popular Red Vein kratom strain. Remarkable Herbs Indo Kratom Powder is sourced from the greatest Indonesian growers available. The unusual alkaloid concentration causes a rapid onset of effects, with many users reporting results within 15 minutes of ingestion. 

Unlike Malay strains, however, Indo strains’ contain a higher potency or cell structure.

Remarkable Herbs is one of the most well-known smoke shop brands. You’d be hard-pressed to locate a gas station or head shop that didn’t have the tropical-themed pouches.

This wholesale brand can be found in tens of thousands of stores. Vendors have had to cope with everything from skewed media coverage and the possibility of a kratom ban to DEA raids and FDA kratom recalls in the last five years.

Brand: Remarkable Herbs

Type: Indo

Count: 1oz | 3oz | 8oz

Mitragynine: 1.25%

7-OH-Mitragynine: 0.05%

What is Remarkable Herbs Kratom?

Remarkable Herbs Co specializes in giving the world the finest, the most high-quality herbs, spices, seeds, roots, barks, and extracts.

Possibly the best brand of kratom powder in the world. Remarkable Herbs Indo Kratom Powder is one of the best kratom powders on the market. This specific kratom powder is derived from the red vein strain of kratom. This strain o kratom is known to have analgesic effects. This red vein kratom plant is very well known in Indonesia. Cultivated in Indonesian and imported to the United States. This red vein kratom powder is known throughout South East Asia for its pain-relieving, analgesic properties.

The alkaloid content of this red vein plant is known to have a very quick effect on people. The average user can feel the effect usually within 15 minutes of their first dosage. The quick pain-relieving effects of this kratom powder puts it on par with the Malaysian strain. However, unlike the Malaysian strain, the effects of Remarkable Herbs Indo Kratom Powder are longer lasting.

What package quantity do Remarkable Herbs come in?

1oz, 3oz, 8oz

What strain Betterleaf Kratom come in?

Bali, Indo, Maengda, Malaysian, Thai, Vietnam



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Remarkable Herbs


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