How Does Kratom Work?

Kratom contains a chemical called mitragynine. It is claimed to have euphoric like effects.

Where is Kratom From?

Kratom is found in South-East Asia. The leaves are grounded up into a powder that comes in capsule or powder form. There are many different strains of kratom. Kratom is named typically based on the color of the veins of the leaves and sometimes where it is grown. For example, Red Borneo is a red vein kratom grown in the region of Borneo, Indonesia. Maeng Da Kratom is referred to as “The Best” when farmers take their harvest to potential buyers. They use that phrase as means of selling. Similar to the way our cars are sold in America, we have our premium, Mid-Range Car, and Base model.

Kratom History

The kratom plant and its use is ancient; it goes back far in time when people would use the kratom plant as medicine. The problem here in the United States is that we are slow in researching potential healing agents. This means that we do not have adequate information to supply regarding kratom dosages.

Kratom Dosages

However, there are many ways to figure out what is the right recommended dosage for them. That is to start with the lowest amount of whatever strain and form you are taking. For example, with kratom capsules, you should start with a low dose (1). For those who take kratom powder, it is best to buy a digital scale to weigh the dosage. Again, with every kratom product, it best to be cautious with how much you are taking.

Refining Your Model

To find out what the best way to work for you is to monitor how anything makes you feel. This includes food journaling; it is essential to find to catalog what you are eating and ingesting to your body. We need to be aware of how different foods affect us physically. Different foods and drinks that will cause a reaction. For example, energy drinks and drinking coffee will cause jitteriness and even anxiety. The reason being is that you are flooring your adrenal glands.

The best way to live is holistically for more on how to live a healthy life check out How to Live Holistically.

Start with a dosage journal record how you feel, and based on your perception, you can decide what to do next. Listed below is an example of how one could write a dosage and food journal.

Amount or Food:




One Word Description: (Great, Good, Bad, Tired, Lethargic, etc.)

Along with journaling, you should also pay attention to other potential effects. Have you slept? What did you do the day before? Did you fight with a spouse or loved one? Did you stay late at work? Are you stressed out?

We need to pay attention to many different factors besides the dosage alone. Everything in this life is a stimulus. Who we interact with and our habits will determine how we feel if the goal of your kratom journey is to heal. Then it’s going to take work. Nothing will ever be the solution alone.

Considerations Activity Level, Age, Current Health Conditions

More to add on the topic of dosage is what your activity level is? What does your day look like? It is best to look at your schedule or to-do list for that day. What you are doing that day can affect your kratom dosage. While we cannot specify what dosage different dosages do. Also, one’s age and current health condition can determine what dosage is correct for you.

Can Kratom Effect Sleep?

If you plan to sleep, it best to see what kratom strain and dosage effects sleep.

Kratom Uses

Kratom can be used in many forms, as we mentioned earlier, kratom can be used in both capsule and powder forms. For those who like variety, kratom powder might be your best bet. The reason being is that kratom powder can be used in teas, protein powder, or yogurts.

Potential Side Effects of Kratom

When using any kratom product, keep in mind that kratom may cause hallucinations, constipation, dry mouth, nausea, tongue numbness, excess urinating, aggression and delusions. In extreme cases, people who take higher doses might have difficulties breathing -, seizure, liver damage, brain swelling and even in death.


To sum up this article, it is that when starting to incorporate kratom into your regimen. One should research the companies they are buying from. What other people’s experiences are with the kratom plant. Places like reddit and webmd are a great place to start. We can’t suggest what to do due to legal restraints, but we will always do our best to support you with any information we find. Either kratom related or health-related.