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Buying kratom online is a convenient way to get your kratom. We are now offering discounts and price breaks for purchasing kratom in large quantities. Like if you were to purchase goods from a wholesale store like Costco, Sam’s club, or Wish you would save money because of larger quantities. You can now do the same with purchasing kratom. The best way to think about buying in larger quantities is this if you go to convenient stores like 7/11, you would pay roughly $5 for a gallon of milk were at a wholesale store like Costco; you would pay nearly half the price. Why is that? Its because you have to purchase two or more gallons. Which is essential to know how much milk your drinking. Find Bulk Kratom capsules and powders.

We are going to go through the best ways to save money on kratom. We will also go into how to figure out if buying in bulk is right for you. We will go in-depth into areas like kratom measurements. Our primary goal in this article is to help you decide whether buying in bulk is right for you. Our goal is to help you save money on your kratom purchases.

How Do I Know If I Should Order in Bulk?

If you know which strain and brand you enjoy, for example, if you enjoy Krave Botanicals White Thai 60g powder. You would save money by purchasing the 250g. Also, buying bulk kratom is recommended for someone who knows their dosages and has had enough experience with the strain to understand the effects.

Companies sell their kratom capsules, kratom powders, and kratom concentrates by different units of measurement. For example, one brand will have 1oz packaging, where another will say 28g, which is same-same but different wording. Here in the United States, we use the United States Customary Units. We will be converting different measurements to help guide you along the way.

Ounce Grams
1oz 28.34g
2oz 56.69g
3oz 85.04g
4oz 113.39g
5oz 141.74g
6oz 170.09g
7oz 198.44g
8oz 226.79g
16oz 453.59g
Powder Measurement  Grams
1 Tablespoon 6.5g
1 Teaspoon 2.6g
Capsule Measurement Grams
1 Capsule 500mg

*Generally Speaking, Kratom Manufactures are Subject to Use different sizes. However, 500mg is the most common

Capsule (1 Capsule=500mg) Grams
40 20g
90 45g
300 150g
500 250g

What is the Right Amount of Kratom to Order?

The best way to figure out whether or not you should order in bulk is to figure out how much kratom you are using now. Knowing your preferred method of kratom consumption like capsules, powders, or concentrates. Then figure out the duration of how long you need your kratom supply to last you.

Kratom Capsules in Bulk

Kratom Powders in Bulk

Kratom Shots in Bulk

Pricing Breakdown

Can I Buy Kratom Powder in Bulk?

Yes you can purchae kratom powder in bulk. Please our pricing listed below.

Grams Price Competitors
100 $20 $50+
250 $40 $70+
500 $75 $130+
1000 $110 $260+
2500 $250 $520+
5000 $400 $1050+


Can I buy Kratom Capsules in Bulk?

Yes you can purchase kratom capsules in bulk. We have different variations for example (insert variations here).

Capsules Price Competitors
200 $25 $55 – $120
500 $50 $120-$240
1000 $85 $240-$480
2000 $155 $480-$960
5000 $350 $1100-$1500

Can I buy Kratom Shots in Bulk?

Yes you can purchase kratom shots in bulk? Please see our pricing listed below.

Shots Price Savings
5-10 $18 $10-$20
11-20 $17 $33-$60
20-50 $16 $80-$200
50+ $14 $300+

The Pros of Buying in Bulk

Buying kratom in bulk makes your kratom experience a lot easier. Instead of remembering to order or go down to the store every week, you can order once. It makes tracking your kratom orders easier as well. Wholesale based models work well because when customers know how much they need, they can save money on kratom just by purchasing for future uses. Buying in bulk makes it easier to have your kratom when you need it. Also, it makes the hassle of ordering kratom a lot easier. Since you have a one-shot at order you are making it easier for you to purchase in bulk.

What Other Benefits Come from Purchasing In Bulk?

Besides peace of mind for you, you are also inadvertently helping the earth. Less packaging, fewer delivery orders leaves less of a carbon footprint. For example, purchasing a 1lb bag of powder takes less packaging than purchasing 16 1oz packages. Also, for your parcel to be delivered, it typically travels from ground to air to ground. It probably is moved through at least 5 or 6 different facilities before it is finally delivered to your home.

The Cons of Purchasing Kratom in Bulk

Buying in bulk means a lot of the same thing. This means if you like to use different strains, this may affect how you currently purchase. This is more for the person who knows which strain they want the most or uses the most. The next thing most people complain about is storing their excess goods. Luckily, kratom packages tend to be smaller than products like five boxes of cereal. Also, storage like any fresh ingredient, you have to be mindful of where you store kratom.

How should I store my kratom?

It is best to store your kratom in a cool dark place. Kratom is best stored in a cool dark place. Things like mason jars, UV jars, and vacuum-sealed packaging would help keep freshness.

Final Thoughts

Buying in bulk is not only good for your wallet; it’s also better for the environment. We would instead save our customers money and stop the unnecessary stress on our planet than to make more money on smaller orders but more substantial profits.

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