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Pur Delta 8 Gummies (8PCS, 30MG Per Piece)


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PUR DELTA 8 GUMMIES 480MG delta 8 – (Rainbow Ribbon, & Grapefruit)

These Pur Delta 8 Gummies pack a punch, one bottle contains 480mg of pure delta 8 thc. If you are looking for something different when it comes to snack preferences, then the Pur Delta 8 Gummies are certainly not going to disappoint. These gummies have been carefully formulated and contain the delta 8 extract that has been infused with the natural flavors of delicious grapefruit and rainbow ribbon, ensuring you get a rainbow of flavors tickling your taste buds every time with the Pur Delta 8 Gummies.


The Delta-8 compound that is found in these gummies comes from Cannabidiol (CBD) or delta-8 THC, which are extracted from the hemp plant. To ensure the very best in quality, the hemp plants are grown in an environmentally friendly environment and are tested rigorously to ensure their quality before the best hemp plants containing the most delta 8 compounds are hand-picked for preparing these gummies.

Today, delta-8 can be found in tinctures, vapes, beverages, and edibles as well. Since The 2018 Farm Bill, using Delta-8 in products such as edibles and beverages is considered to be completely safe. The compound has also been removed from the Drug Enforcement Agency’s (DEA) controlled substance list. Delta-8 is being used in various quality products and the Pur Delta 8 Gummies is another way to get that delicious and satisfying taste that you’re looking for with these edible gummies.

Why Buy PUR DELTA 8 Gummies?

Pur Delta 8 gummies come in two exquisite flavors, grapefruit and rainbow ribbon, both of these flavors have a delicious taste that ensures you get to enjoy a flavorful experience. These gummies contain the delta 8 extract as the main active ingredient, which means, you get to enjoy all the uniqueness that the delta 8 extract has to offer.


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